U.S. stock bull market continue to run in 2020

The market provides liquidity. Morgan Stanley said the rise of US stocks this year is divided into three different stages, the most important

stage starting in mid September, when the Federal Reserve also announced the adoption of repo

With the purchase of treasury bonds injected tens of billions of dollars in liquidity.

Analysts say that while investors should not expect US equity returns in 2020 to return to 2019 levels,

at least in the first half of next year.

The stock market will rise further. D.A. According to Ragan, director of research at Davidson’s personal investor group, earnings growth of S

& P 500 companies is likely to reach about 5% next year due to the consumer spending continues to perform strongly, coupled with easing

international tensions, and business investment is likely to rebound.

Post time: Dec-27-2019

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