Copper continues to explore opportunities in the market

Since October 2018, institutions and large investment banks in the market have been expecting a slowdown in economic growth in 2019.

According to recent data analysis published by major economies, the economic downturn has indeed occurred.

For example, Germany’s GDP growth in 2018, announced today, dropped to 1.5% from the previous 2.2%.

In December 2018, the purchasing managers’index (PMI) of China’s manufacturing industry was 49.4%, down 0.6 percentage points from

last month, below 50% of the current boom and bust. The boom of manufacturing industry has weakened,

and the annual import and export rate of China has fallen in both directions.

The ISM manufacturing index in December was 54.1, down from 57.8 expected, and the unemployment rate in December rose to 3.9% from

the previous 3.7%.These objective economic downturns are basically in line with the expectations of the market half a year ago,

but also bring a lot of panic and decline to the stock market, commodities and other markets.

However, the market is constantly changing, people are subjective, when we encounter economic problems, policy makers also made a

positive response.

Post time: Feb-19-2019

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