Asia Pacific stock market

Asia Pacific stock market also achieved good results. As of June 26, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 20.59%, the Shenzhen

Composite Index rose 42.32%, and the Hang Seng Index rose in Hong Kong 7.81%. In addition, Japan’s Nikkei 225 index rose 19.54% and

South Korea’s composite index rose 7.69%. Emerging markets also showed full resilience, with India’s stock market up more than

14%.Brazil’s stock market rose more than 31%. The Venezuelan IBC index, known as the “rising myth”, has risen more than 4868% this


According to slock, chief economist of Deutsche Bank, the market value of global stock market in 2019 increased from less

than $70 trillion at the beginning of the year to $85 trillion, with the total market value increasing by more than $17 trillion.

Nevertheless,Locke also mentioned the risk of the Federal Reserve stopping the pace of interest rate cut and corporate bond

credit, while the European Central Bank will focus on fiscal policy after the “firepower” of monetary policy.

Post time: Dec-15-2019

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